bouncing along

I’m on the bus heading back to DC from a one night stay in my new New York home.  I’ve discovered one needs to be very zen about the buses. They never leave on time, they never arrive on time.  The buses don’t really respect the passengers. But they are safe, relatively cheap and plentiful so take them I will many many times over the next year.

It was kind of a pain to take a day long break from goodbye’s and packing and such in DC to spend hours on the buses in order to spend 15 hours in new york. But it ended up being well worth it. My roomlord (roommate/landlord) is going on vacation friday so wouldn’t be around for my move. She wanted to make sure I was settled, understood the keys (5 of them!) and felt comfortable in the ‘hood. So while it seemed like a drag to get up and back it turned out being very productive.

I felt very at home. The apartment is comfortable and though it is odd to have a room pre-furnished with no personal touches yet, it still was cozy. I slept well in my new room and even though I am not happy that the window looks out on a brick wall I do like the seclusion of it – and the fact I can keep the shades up all the time getting in whatever little light can squeeze through, I like waking up in the morning and seeing the light change the colors of the bricks.

We took an hour long walk through the north side of central park. The set up of the north end is much more European than the rest of the park. Walking around reminded me of being in one of the London Parks. I could project myself a couple of months in the future taking a walk into the park and finding a nice spot to read and get some homework done (oh my, i’m going to have homework soon).  Close to my apartment is the Harlem Meer a lake with fishing and free jazz in the summer. We are also close to the conservatory garden with its beautiful manicured flowering gardens, statuary and fountains.

The rest of my neighborhood is a mixture of gentrification, african-american families and african immigrant families. Most of the restaurants are either soul food or west african food…though i’m delighted that there is an ethiopian restaurant a block from my house.  There is also an independent coffee shop a couple of blocks away, a health food store in addition to the numerous less-health-food oriented grocery stores and the standard dunkin donuts, starbucks, subway, etc.

So, I’m excited. Very excited to go, to get started. There are still fears, the work, the lack of money in such an expensive city, the sadness not to be able to work on shows in DC as frequently, there is still the sadness of leaving one’s past. But I’m feeling pretty good about my new york future.

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