shut up already

my air conditioning unit is making clicking pinging sounds. It started over an hour ago so I turned it off. Then I unplugged the unit. Yet the sounds are still coming. There has been no incoming electricity for an hour but the pings are still there. still an uneven intervals. still when i think they’ve stopped and i get 30 seconds of quiet there one is again.

I can’t figure it out and I just want it to shut up. I don’t want to sleep on the couch. I want to sleep in my bed. without the damned noise. and then of course there’s the worry that the noise may mean something but trying not to think to hard about that.


I woke up around seven and it was still making noises. Went back to sleep and when I woke up again around 9 the noise had stopped. So it basically took 8 hours to shut up. now I don’t want to turn it on again for fear the noise will return.

i hope this plea to the internets will somehow through the magic of electronics make it’s way from my computer to my air conditioning unit. since nothing else seems to work.


One Response to shut up already

  1. Michelle says:

    mine did that the other day. turned out there was a piece of plastic that fell in.

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