new york discoveries

two new york food discoveries:

Sunday night pizza and spumoni at L&B Spumoni Gardens in Brooklyn. traditional and tasty. Probably a bit to far for me to return to but glad to have made the journey.

Last night noodles at Noodle Bar in the west village. Delicious, fresh and cheap. I will totally go back. Dinner under $10 with leftovers, good deal for this grad student.

One non-good discovery:

my foot yesterday decided that it hated me, too much walking? wrong shoes? who knows. but it got a bit swollen and painful. the swelling and pain is down now but it’s still feeling a bit wonky. not good when I’m going to be having a daily 20 minute walk to campus.

Today’s reason why I wish I were in DC still:

Great review in the Post for Kathleen Akerley’s Theories of the Sun. I was so sad I didn’t get a chance to see it before I left town. Congratulations Kathleen!


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