unscheduled time

I’ve never been good with unscheduled time. This is one of the reasons I’ve always kept so busy. When you are working a job plus two shows there is no questionable time. It seems when you start a graduate program there is tons of time. I know the time will disappear once projects and homework get more intense, once I start my part-time job (i got a job!), and once I start working on shows. But for now there are huge gaps in my calender and those gaps are making me nervous, bored and homesick.

Not that I’m unhappy here, that’s not it.  I’ve finished up my first week of classes and I’m excited to go back for more. I like my fellow students, everyone seems very smart and passionate and isn’t that just what you look for in a dramaturg. I’m also pleased to find that we are all following different paths. There doesn’t seem to be any competition at all, we are all interested in different aspects of our chosen career. I haven’t gotten that much of a chance to get to know the other students but the playwrights, directors, and stage managers in class with me all seem really interesting. I can’t wait until we get to the point when we can see what these people can do. I want the creation to start!

As it is I’ve been hanging out with friends, which is good, though frequently more expensive than I would like. I’ve been watching TV. Catching up with my old friends on the food network, following the trials and trivulations of Project Runway and watching the conventions. Last night really angered me and I don’t even think it’s possible for me to type about it. There is something about politics that I just cannot discuss intellegently. It hits to close to what is important to me.


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