starting to feel more like myself

It really only happened in the past half hour. I think as I was going through in my head a list of things I had to do. I realized I’m busy. And with that realization a wave of calm came over me. I’m busy and that’s great. I’ve got a project on director Elizabeth LeCompte due in a week, I’ve got an open scene to direct on Thursday (which I think I may have just figured out), I have scripts galore to read, I have writing to do, I start my part time job tomorrow and it looks like I’m going to be working on a 2nd year director’s adaptation of The Seagull. Yes, even though I’m not at Theater J this year I get to work on The Seagull.

Speaking of Theater J, even though I no longer work there the blog is still worth a read. They now have multiple contributors (that’s what happens when they get two people to replace me). And Ari is keeping the world up to date with his version of The Seagull.

And speaking of DC theater blogs Forum announced our season today via the Forum Blog. I’m hoping to add some of my own thoughts on the season to the blog this weekend.

So good things seem to be in the air. That is unless we are all destroyed by the black holes created by the Hadron Collider.


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