jazz age party, governor’s island

anarchivist and I went to the Jazz Age Party on Governor’s Island today. I’ve always wanted to go after drooling at pictures from past parties (scroll to june 15). Due weather, and our slight hangovers, we didn’t stay as long as I would have wanted to if circumstances had been otherwise. But we were there long enough to hear some great 20’s style jazz, watch some amazing dancing and drool over vintage clothing (I bought a great, and inexpensive 40s blouse). I crashed in Brooklyn the night before (where we went to a party and this amazing vintage style bar) so was unable to fully get decked out in vintage but wore my new retro looking blue canvas slingback heels, rolled up black pants, a black tank covered with a vintage lace shirt and my vintage and velvet bowed lace head topper. I thought it made a great combo of comfort with vintage touches.

So it was a vintage-tastic weekend but now it’s back to the real world with a big project due on thursday and lots of little things between now and then i doubt there will be much time for being on the blog this week.

One Response to jazz age party, governor’s island

  1. natalie says:

    I heart governor’s Island 😉

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