third week done

My presentation on Liz LeCompte was yesterday, I loved putting it together, I really think the work that she/The Wooster Group has done is inspiring. I was trying to explain the experience of seeing one of their shows to my parents who were in town. The best I could come up with is that their performances are like giant multi-media collages, however unlike a college where you can see the edges of each component their edges are all blured together, like the collage is made of transparent images which change, shift and reform as they get layered one on top on the other.  I’ve been lucky to see three Wooster plays North Atlantic, To You, The Birdie!, and Brace Up. I’ll be seeing my fourth La Didone tomorrow night.

It was nice to have a project to focus my energy toward and like a true nerd I look forward to getting our first paper topics in the next couple of weeks. I’m enjoying the program and I really like my fellow ‘turgs and other theater students but this week also made me feel that something was missing. Maybe it has to do with the lack of space and resources we have at Columbia, maybe it has to do with the different backgrounds and levels of everyone in the program, maybe I’m just getting really tired of reading Oedipus for EVER. SINGLE. CLASS. Maybe it will all balance out as the professors get to know us better. Maybe, like with most other things it’s what you put into it and I just need to push myself more to feel better. Who knows. I guess it’s still new and I’m still putting it together and I am done reading Oedipus next week the classes get more diverse as we continue with the Greeks in one and move on to Shakespeare in another.

Next week is going to be a busy one anyone, no need for me to push even more. Monday and Tuesday night I’m planning on going to The Lark Play Development Center’s Playwrights Week. Monday is a general shmooze and listen to excerpts from all of the pieces being workshoped and Tuesday is a reading of Motti Lerner’s new play Benedictus, I love Motti’s work and am excited to see him again. I’m curious about some of the other pieces but not sure yet if I will have time to see them.  Wednesday I’m going with my writing class to see Three Changes by Nicky Silver at Playwrights Horizon. Nicky is going to be doing a post-show talk with us, which is totally exciting.  Then Thursday I’m working box office at a sold out Amos Oz lecture at Columbia, which hopefully I’ll be able to sneak in the back for after closing down front of house.

I leave you with this, which makes me happy for rather obvious reasons:


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