back to our regularly scheduled programming

and speaking of television,  Mad Men won 6 very deserved emmy’s last night. It’s been a long time since I’ve really followed a tv show, besides project runway or top chef (which have been more of a social following). I’ve been loving discovering Mad Men, as every episode is truly about discovery. The storytelling in the show sets the watcher on a journey of discovery, no plot detail or back story is fully explained, the watcher has to be attentive in order to work out the details and connections, and I like being required to think while watching.

and speaking of watching, i watched a number of things this weekend: a movie, a rehearsal and a parade.

the movie was Vicky Christina Barcelona Woody Allen’s new ode to beauty. I say ode to beauty because that was really what it was beautiful passionate people making love and having affairs in a beautiful place. I didn’t love the movie but I enjoyed watching the beauty and it made me want to return to Barcelona. I also kinda dug the narration which turned the story into a kind of modern fairy tale.

the rehearsal was the open rehearsal for The Wooster Group’s La Didone.  My friends and I didn’t know what to expect, would it be a full run, like a final dress rehearsal, would it be stop and go? The website and program told us it would be 90 minutes but it ended up being only about 45 minutes. But it was thrilling! The new show is very unique to the group. It’s their first, that I’m aware of, opera. There are two main stories being told in La Didone, Francesco Cavalli’s seventeenth-century opera of the same name and a 60s or 70s Italian Sci-Fi movie about landing on a strange planet. The dialogue and singing are interspersed and everyone is wearing space suits. We only watched about three scenes but it certainly made us all excited to come back in the spring for the full production! It was also great, for me, to watch Liz LeCompte at work after having just did a presentation on her, I felt like a crazy stalking fan, since fresh in my mind were all the details of her life.

The parade was the 5 hour long Harlem extravaganza, the African American Day Parade.  Starting out at 111th and Adam Clayton Powell the parade traveled all the way north through Harlem. Being a few blocks from the start 113th, which my apartment looks out on became a staging ground. Before the parade started we got first looks at some of the floats, and as the parade went on we got to have our own private concerts of marching bands, as they practiced while waiting to march. I was outside watching most of the parade but it just went on and on and on. I went back in the house to try to get some reading done which was impossible due to the noise coming in from the streets. So I resigned myself to parade day and went back outside to watch more floats and bands. You can see a full set of pictures (and a couple of videos) I took here. After the parade I met up with my buddy Nick who came up to the apple to see a concert. We had tasty crepes and I returned home, which was now thankfully free of the parade noises, to read and watch Mad Men.  (look how that entry went full circle).


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