one other thing to note

I’ve only received once comment on the new look so far, that the font is too small. Do others have the same issue? Unfortunately, I can’t change it without spending money (that’s how they get you) so if it’s too hard for my readers I’ll look at some other designs with a larger font.

But I also wanted to point out in the menu there are links under the title Interesting Things I Have Found. I’ve started using a Delicious account so I can bookmark and save interesting articles, blogs, and other stuff that I find. Chances are I’m not going to have the time to highlight them in a blog but if I save them they are probably things I think are worth sharing. The list on the side self-updates so even without a new post there will probably be a new link. I invite you to keep checking back to see what’s up there.

2 Responses to one other thing to note

  1. thinkingarthur says:

    font is too small

  2. andrea says:

    i agree w/ yr dad. plus i think it’s a bit less visually interesting than how you had it before.

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