this thing we do

theater. man. it’s a crazy profession. I’m a little half awake right now but not yet asleep enough to go to sleep so thought I would jot down some words.  I am in awe that this is what I do with my life and I’m amazed that there are so many others who do the same thing. Really. I mean it.  Theater isn’t something one can kinda do. You can’t kinda be in a show. It is a profession of commitment. It is a profession of choices. It’s a profession that makes you have to give up things that other people would never dream of parting with. I’ve said it before but I’m endlessly impressed with actors (and stage managers) and the amount that they have to give up. Working at least 4 nights a week they miss important events all of the time. We who have slightly more open schedules miss less but still know that by making this our life we have to shift around how we live our lives.

This is all to say, it’s a big bummer I’m missing Oscar and Beth’s wedding tomorrow (today).  It would have been really nice to be there to see Oscar, who I’ve been friends with since middle school, get hitched. In fact, Oscar was my first boyfriend, more or less. We dated for a week. But it was lovely none the less. I adore Beth and know that they will be extremely happy together. I’m sure if I was up at the wedding I would be crying but instead I’m down in the basement of a dorm in a black box theater making ‘art’* and bonding with my fellow first year grads***

*making art consists of jumping up and down, doing a weird dance, miming that I’m shopping at a piggly wiggly, attempting to dramaturg a 5 minute play, and laughing pretty damn hard at my peers.**

**if you want to see any of this mad art you can come to the shapiro theater on 115th btwn broadway and riverside at 7 pm on sunday.

***who are all pretty interesting mad artists themselves.

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