well, so that’s over

collaboration weekend is over, thankfully, and my body feels its effects.  The show last night went off well, we were all delirious and hyped up on adrenaline and caffeine. The show consisted of introductions where every first year said a little bit about themselves. I was happy to hear some cheers when I described myself as a Jewish Washingtonian (I’m fairly certain the cheers were for the Washingtonian part).  That was followed by six scenes written by the first year playwrights. I ‘dramaturged’ one which basically meant i went to the first read of it and offered an opinion or two. I performed in one, as an old lady in a grocery store, I spent the entire play hunched over, my back hurts. There were also six intermezzi which were based off of answers we all gave to questions like “what is your idea of success?” “what frightens you about grad school.” I performed in one of those, or rather, danced and jumped up and down a lot in one of those. And then there was the dance. Anne makes each class put together a dance based off of movements from every person. All the disciplines had to do this odd dance separately for the audience. I was quite proud of the job us dramaturgs did but to get to that point, I must have rehearsed at least 10 times, probably closer to 20, my legs hurt.

But I guess it was successful. I do feel closer to a number of the playwrights and directors, and finally got to meet some of the really awesome actors.  And I must say, despite the craziness of the weekend, I could tell that there are some extremely smart and creative people in this program with me.

Now it’s back to real life. Today, I’ve got work (after taking a week off), finish a paper (only a page and some editing left), and Andrea comes to town for a short visit. Must get to it…


One Response to well, so that’s over

  1. Penguingirl says:

    that sounds like so much fun. i wish my grad school years were about that. jealous. from one exile to another… fond yom kippur thoughts to you.

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