things i’m thinking about

i’ve been rather insanely focused on this idea that i’m turning around in my brain. I’m not really ready to share it completely yet.  I’ve started filling in some people on my plans, sharing my ideas, asking for advice and that needs to continue.  Before I can really talk about it I need to formulate my ideas into full logical sentences. Right now they are just a jumbled mess in my brain. But let me just say, it’s a jumbled mess with a lot of exclamation points!

The basic thing was I realized that now, while I’m in school and don’t yet need to worry about paying it off, now, is the time I should be thinking about next steps. I know I can leave school and get a job working as a literary manager somewhere. I’ve done it before, I’m good at it. But it’s not really the life I want. I have no interest in perpetuating the regional theater scene’s cyclical issues. The state of American theater, as has been talked about by many smarter folks than I, is not good. We aren’t building a new audience, we are producing for money rather than for art, we think that spending money will make us money, we pander the the medium and make things accessible rather than challenging. I’m not saying all regional theater is bad. It’s not bad, I love a great amount of the work being done. But it’s just not building, it’s just not growing into anything new. It’s stagnant.

So I have an idea, an idea that could possibly lead to my dream job. In order to really make it work it would need to fill a missing gap and in order to do that I need to know what’s missing. So I’ll keep researching and keep talking about it here and there. I’ve even created a new category “about my project.” See, it’s not just an idea, it’s a project, it’s an active thing. I’m going to try to keep working to strengthen it, most likely having it be my thesis project.

So yeah, I’m thinking about that.

Other things I’m thinking about, the election. It’s hard not to. Even though the polls are looking really good for Obama I’ve had my heart broken in the past two elections and I’m tense and worried. I want to be helping, and it looked for a while that I was going to be making phone calls for Obama but my timing just didn’t work out as I expected, darned school. For those who are looking for a way to help my frequent, though not in a while, commentator germy has been working on an online smear busting project. If you want to help bust some online rumor’s on Obama click here to join in.

Other things I’m thinking about, food. I need to figure out how to eat cheaper, ’cause I love food. I love good food, healthy, natural food. I don’t want to buy cheap bread, I want freshly baked bread with whole grains. I don’t want some random packaged meat, I want meat that comes from small farms, where animals are treated humanely.  Speaking of ethical food, did you’s all see the New York Times Magazine this past weekend, great.


One Response to things i’m thinking about

  1. katie says:

    you might want to check out the taffety punk theatre company. I don’t know where you’re located (they’re based in washington, d.c.) but they’re working on some of the problems you mentioned.

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