on a mission

speaking of mission statements. In dramaturgy class the other day our professor had us write a manifesto of what we wanted out of theater, what we thought theater should be. He gave us 15 minutes. What I wrote I think is probably a good first step towards a refined mission statement. Below is my 15-minute unedited, unrefined mini-manifesto/mission statement, from my mind, to my pen to you:


exploration, discussion, collaboration.
I want to bring people together from both traditional and non-traditional backgrounds. artists of all shapes and stripes and patterns to interact with each other bounce ideas off each other and discover new worlds and new entrances into the world we live in. I want to engage audiences as partners in that collaboration. The viewing and questioning being just as important as the creating. I want lively discussions. I want ideas everywhere. I want to create a sustainable way of life for artists – giving them the ability to concentrate on what is important to them and how they can help others. I want a community that works together and against each other in the process of creating.
I want to always question and requestion and never stop questioning. I never want anything to be finished I want it always changing never staying in one finalized place. I want to make things and throw them away only to use the pieces to make something new. ooh. and new technology – making that happen.


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