happy barak obama day

“happy barak obama day” was just said to me by a passerby as I sat outside my apartment building enjoying the revelry. Harlem sounds amazing right now, people pouring into the streets, chearing, laughing, shaking, jumping up and down. People driving by in cars music blaring, honking and again screaming.  I’m guessing many parts of the country, particularly within cities, is the same. It’s such a relief after the past 8 years. Im back inside now watching CNN and the crowds gathering outside of the white house. I wish I were in DC celebrating with my friends, I just heard word that U street is blocked off. But Harlem tonight is amazing and I’m glad to be here as well. Let’s hope the promise of hope Obama has given us keeps us strong to do the work we need to do to fix this country.
Enjoy your celebrations everyone. Sleep well. Happy Barak Obama Day!


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