more on my misunderstood city

Michael Dove alerted me this morning to a Slate article originally written at the time of Clinton’s Inauguration now posted as a welcome to Washington for Obama. The article is extremely upsetting to me on many levels. The main one, as Michael discussed on the Forum blog is the glaringly wrong comment “The theater is still second-rate at best.” There are more responses on Slate from the rankled DC theater community.  But that’s not all that upset me. The article admits that there are two Washington’s which I agree with but totally dismisses the non-government DC pointing out only that it is suburban and yet has a high murder rate. Really? Ugh. It just makes me mad. The main thesis of the article seems to be DC is a bad horrible place and if you move there and end up staying it’s not because you have found something worthwhile but rather because you’ve been brainwashed. I find it totally irresponsible of Slate to have published something that so false saying that it shows something true about Washington’s “character.”


One Response to more on my misunderstood city

  1. thinkingarthur says:

    The Slate article was not very accurate when written, and it was written in 1993!! Marjorie Williams, the writer, died several years ago, and is not available to defend her position or to update her facts or conclusions. The article is certainly not a primer for the Obamas (or for anyone else). Why Slate found it publishable today is a question to pose to Slate. If you go to, and look at “contact us”, you will see how easy it is to send an email to its Washington office.

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