good things

the work is starting to pile up, the end of the semester is nearing. the deadlines are looming. but today was a day of nice things…

This morning Richard Greenberg came to my writing class. I remember fondly the weeks I spent reading all of his plays at the J when we were preparing an event looking at his oeuvre at the Corcoran during the run of Bal Masque. I loved that show, it wasn’t perfect, but the first act was, in my option, as near perfection I have seen on stage. I met Richard once at the first read of Bal Masque, but that was incredibly brief and I think I said maybe one word at the time.  He was great in class, very friendly and open. I took some notes but what really struck me was how different he was from the last playwright who came to one of our classes. Richard was all about the collaboration, about people doing their jobs and working with each other.  He also had good things to say about dramaturgs. Though he did say it was the dramaturgs job to be abused by him. But that he needed the challenge from a dramaturg in order to push himself to work harder.

I was feeling pretty good after class but it only got better as I went to a much needed massage appointment. I’ve been extremely tense recently (well, since school started).  I feel so much more relaxed and my body feels so much more open, plus it was only a couple of blocks from my house and not too expensive. I think I’m going to try to make it a monthly thing.

Feeling all good I decided I should have some good dinner to go along with it. I love food but am not a big cook. I rarely follow recipes and tend to, when cooking for myself, go for simplicity. My pantry is never fully stocked and I tend to buy fresh ingredients. Today is one of those days were I didn’t really have much stuff on hand but wanted to challenge myself to make something. My dinner ended up being spinach sauteed with onion, garlic, sliced mixed olives, with a little bit of tomato sauce and an egg fried/poached/whatever on top. Add to that some slices of a tasty multi-grain toast with smart balance on top.  tastiness. I’m thinking about soy yogurt (i’m giving dairy a rest for a few weeks) with lavender honey drizzled on it for desert. sounds like the perfect thing to eat while watching top chef tonight.

and now back to work…

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