counting down the days

two and a half weeks left in the semester and then over a month of nothingness. Not that I have nothing to do in that nothingness. I’m planning exciting activities like cleaning my room, reading a novel or two, seeing all the people I’ve sent all those facebook messages to saying ‘you’re in new york! I’m in new york! let’s hang out but not until winter break,’ cooking, not making money, watching tv, celebrating new years, chanukah, not having anything to do, updating the blog, working on my project, going back to dc for a week, seeing friends, and that’s how I shall fill my days of nothingness. I’m very excited.

But in the meantime I’ve got two and a half weeks of finishing projects, papers, assignments. two and a half weeks of stressed out work. So I need to get back to that right now. But since I’m guessing I’m not going to be updating the blog much, if at all, until the break I wanted to leave you with links to other blogs that I find enjoyable.

For those of you are are interested in theater – The Guardian Theater Blog both will keep you up-to-date with what’s happening in London theater but also brings up interesting questions about the future of theater and how it connects to audiences, etc.

For those of you interested in food and/or Jewish things – The Jew and the Carrot is filled with interesting info, fun tidbits and recipies.

For those of you interested in fashion – The Thoughtful Dresser is the most intelligent fashion blog out there. Written by a prize winning novelist and journalist it takes a look not just on what’s in and out but on what fashion means and how we relate to what we wear.

For those of you who like taking a look at the daily life of someone famous – The Orwell Prize is posting in Blog form the daily diaries of George Orwell (from 1938 – 1942). Some times they simply say things like ‘one egg’  (22/11/38) but sometimes they get more interesting. It’s also interesting how every day in my blog reader I get a blog from the past, and that this will continue on for another few years.

And finally, for those of you who are curious about what I’m thinking and reading – my Delicious account will continue to be updated as I read the news and my blog reader.


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