a biblical break

I have forty days and forty nights (or is it 39 nights) of winter vacation. So, what am I doing in that time? I am bringing order to chaos. Order in the form of cleaning my room, organizing papers and scripts from the semester, and getting read for the next. I’m also newly obsessed with gmail’s new tasks widget. I’m constantly adding things to my to do list and am looking forward eagerly to crossing them off. I am bringing light to the darkness. I’m catching up on non-theatrical reading my goal is to read at least one non-script a week. Other than that? I am going to return to the project and finally analyze those survey results. I am going to hang out with all the friends and acquaintances in NY who I’ve been too busy to see.  I am going to work on my cooking skills. I am not the biggest fan of cooking with recipes so I want to perfect a couple of dishes that I can do without having to look up. I’m going to see as much theater as I can while spending as little money as I can. I’m continuing to put in between 10 and 15 hours a week at the TIC office. I’m going to spend a week in DC hanging out with my family and friends.  So, I’m hoping for a lot out of this break.  Forty days seem like a lot right now but I’m guessing it’s going to pass by very quickly.


One Response to a biblical break

  1. natalie says:

    I realized I will have like almost fifty some odd days between classes since classes ended last weak> Maybe I’m calculating that wrong…hmmm

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