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yesterday was a day of mourning and celebration. Funny how those days hit at once.  Shane’s death was sudden and tragic.  I found out about his death through facebook, I saw the status messages of friends all through the day change to reflect their shock and sadness as the day went on.  I posted the picture below, a shot taken at last years Helen Hayes party, and realized how many people felt connected to Shane by how many people have visited my page.  In the last two days over a hundred people have visited my blog looking for more information. It’s both a tribute to Shane and what a role he played in so many lives and an amazing look at how we are all connected.  Theater J, where there will be a memorial service Dec 29 at 7 pm, and Rorschach theater have also posted memorials on their blogs.

Shane’s sudden death makes me think about a lot of things. I’ve been thinking  about how strange it is to know you will never see someone again.  I’ve been thinking about the last time I saw him after seeing Honey Brown Eyes. I caught him on his way out after the show and we quickly caught up.  We said that next time we would hang out, next time properly catch up. Maybe that’s what I’ve been thinking about most ‘next times.’

It’s now Chanukah  and when you think about it Chanukah is a holiday of remembrance. We light candles every night remembering how the oil lasted in the Temple. Like many Jewish holidays it is about memory and its about survival.  To celebrate the first night of the holiday I had friends over last night to eat latkes.   Hearing of a friends death and entertaining other friends makes for an interesting mood.  The thing is, life is short. Even if we live for a hundred years it’s still short. And is possibly much shorter than we ever planned.  So we should cherish every day, every friend, every smile. Through this holiday of remembrance, I will remember not only Jewish survival, not only the power of faith, not only Shane but all of you, her friends whom I cherish.

Happy Chanukah and may your memories be for a blessing.


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