2008 was a year and stuff happened

Last year I gave 2007 a fairly extensive roundup. 2008 was a year of huge life changes. It’s still too soon to reflect on all of those changes, on the new people in my life, on what I have gained, what I have lost. But here’s a little bit of a look at moments in time I will remember.

top 6 photos I took (excluding portraits)
row housesIMG_3511i love this shotIMG_2810climbing the dunesphotographer

top 6 portraits I took
wet mark at hirshhornjeremy and jamesAlexander and Nataliamy reflection in patricks glassessimone in black IMG_2789

top 5 pictures of my enjoying 2008
meDan, Me, Alexandernina and i at hot rocksme in white sandsjeremy is tall enough to take a picture of us

top 5 personal milestones

1. Quit my job of 5 years

2. Left my city of 5 years

3. Said goodbye to friends who stayed and friends who moved

4. Moved into my new home in Central Harlem

5. Started graduate school

top 5 music experiences

1. Radiohead at Nissan Pavilion

2. Jens Lekman at Black Cat – for the second time – beautiful beautiful beautiful

3. Adam Green at Black Cat

4. Bon Iver at Rock and Roll Hotel – I was sick and in a bad mood but the music was fantastic and lifted me out until it ended.

5. The Argo at the Black Cat – My friend Becca’s band rocks the house, the first time I heard her voice it totally blew me away.

top 5 theater experiences

1. The Last Days of Judas Iscariot at Forum Theater – really the most amazing project to work on from first rehearsal until the closing of the second run. I know the show touched a lot of people and I am so thrilled to have been a part of it.

2. The Playdoh Golem at Theater J – again, a fantastic working experience. A joy to produce and dramaturg. I hope the show has a future somewhere.

3. Blasted at Soho Rep – disturbing and amazingly produced. lived up to all the hype and the memories I have of watching it will not ever leave me.

4. Argonatica at the Shakespeare Theatre – Mary Zimmerman rocks my world, she just does, so well crafted, beautiful visual, and fantastic performances.

5. In the Heart of America at Rep Stage – This, I think, was the most underapreciated show of the year. The Naomi Wallace play is beautifully written and this production was just fantastic with some of my favorite actors putting in amazing performances.

top 5 things I am looking forward to in 2009

1. Keeping optomist and idealistic – not letting New York cynisism get me down

2. Retaining the balance between my life in NY and my life in DC  and my friends in other cities –  or rather – making my life rich across many cities and not bound to wherever my hat may be hanging.

3. Getting the chance to work with my fellow Columbia artists – discover playwrights and directors who I hope to build lasting relationships with.

4. Continuing to improve my cooking skills, and save more money by eating out less

5. Angels in America at Forum Theatre!

theater seen in ’08
(I think it’s missing one or two shows but this is what I had written into my datebook)

Shlemiel the First @ Theater J (worked on)
too much light makes the baby go blind  @ Woolly Mammouth
Rabbi Sam (work in progress) @ Theater J
Life is a Dream @ Journeyman Theatre
eXtreme eXchange: Making Political Theatre With a Pulse (worked on)

Will the Circle Be Unbroken (staged reading) @ Theater J
The Christmas Show or Hamlet @ raze/raise
No Child…@ Woolly Mammouth
Breath Boom @ Studio Theatre 2nd Stage
K of D @ Woolly Mammouth
Cirque Dreams Jungle Fantasy in Baltimore (wins prize for the worst thing I saw all year)
25 Questions for a Jewish Mother @ Theater J
The Brothers Size @ Studio Theatre
Damn Yankees starring my sister as Lola!
Swimming in the Shallows @ Catalyst
Argonatika @ The Shakespeare Theatre
Major Barbara @ The Shakespeare Theatre
The Hostage @ The Keegan Theatre
Photograph 51 @ Active Cultures Theatre
Romeo and Juliet @ Synetic Theatre
The Price @ Theater J
The Good Woman of Setzuan @ Constellation Theatre
Stunning @ Woolly Mammoth
Playdoh Golem @ Theater J (worked on)
Cabaret with Brian Stokes Mitchell @ Strathmore
Lord of the Flies @ Round House Theatre
The Last Days of Judas Iscariot @ Forum Theatre (worked on)
School for Scandal @ Folger Theatre
David in Shadow and Light @ Theater J (worked on)
Crumble or Lay Me Down Justin Timberlake @ Catalyst Theatre
Mad Breed @ Active Cultures
Myth Appropriations @ Rorschach Theatre
Orestia @ Constellation Theatre
Measure for Pleasure @ Woolly Mammoth Theatre
In the Heart of America @ Rep Stage
The History Boys @ Studio Theatre
This Storm is What We Call Progress @ Rorschach Theatre
Marat/Sade @ Forum Theatre (worked on)
Dorks on the Loose: It I Awkward @ Cap Fringe (worked on)
Diamond Dead @ Landless Theatre at Cap Fringe
Power House@ Bouncing Ball at Cap Fringe
Manifesto! @ Happenstance at Cap Fringe
PROTOTYPE 373-G @ Cap Fringe
[eureka] @ Forum Theatre for Cap Fringe
The Skin of Our Teeth @ Rorschach Theatre
eXtreme eXchange: Politically Fringe-alicious (worked on)
Maria/Stuart @ Woolly Mammouth
Avenue Q on Broadway
What to do When You Hate All Your Friends @ some theater off-broadway
Wooster Group Open Rehearsal @ St Anns Wearehouse
Three Changes @ Playwrights Horizon
The Seagull on Broadway
The Hairy Ape on Campus
Uncle Vanya on Campus
Baal @ Columbia Stages
A Body of Water @ Primary Stages
Temptation @ Constellation Theatre
eXtreme eXchange: Rock the Voting Block (worked on, er, well, named)
Drunk Enough to Say I Love You @ Forum Theatre
The Lieutenant of Inishmore @ Signature Theatre
Honey Brown Eyes @ Theater J
Made in Poland @ The Play Company at 59 E 59 st theatre
The Seagull on Campus (worked on)
Blasted @ Soho Rep
Emperor Jones on Campus
Last Days of Judas Iscariot Returns @ Forum Theatre (worked on – actually watched a dress rehearsal)
Christmas Storytelling
The Cripple of Innishman @ The Atlantic Theatre Company
Chair @ Theatre for a New Audience


3 Responses to 2008 was a year and stuff happened

  1. Andrew says:

    The picnic table and the dunes are my favorite photos. You missed a fun New Year’s Eve with Sarah-Louise and the bunch. I hope you felt better and did something awesome.

  2. blueberryfrost says:

    aw, alexander and i made it. such a great photo!

  3. Fiona says:

    Hanvnah, you are a much better theater person than I am. My list of shows seen in ’08 is probably one-fifth the length of yours.

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