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The news keeps pouring in and no reports sound good. I feel the bitterness around the world and I myself am bitter. But still at a loss for how to understand the situation and how to approach peace.  I have been reading many opinions and here are some sources and stories that I have found that may interest others.

Earlier this year I heard Amos Oz speak on the Columbia campus about the situation in the Middle East.  He said that there were two types of tragedies – the Chekhovian and the Shakespearean. In the Shakespearean everyone ends up dead. In the Chekhovian everyone ends up depressed. He said the situation in Israel and Palestine is going to be a tragedy, that there is no escaping it, but hopefully it would be a Chekhovian rather than Shakespearean tragedy. Unfortunately at the moment it’s looking more like Shakes. Here’s a clip from NPR of Amos Oz speaking about the current situation.

Another Israeli novelist Etgar Keret writes about the impossibility of measuring proportionality in the current situation. Which ties into the blame that occurs between the sides and how communication is so difficult since everyone’s views of the situation are so one sided and exist in their own measurements:

The motives of vengeance, which drive us to kill those who have killed people we love, are completely irrational, even if we try to wrap them in rational packaging. We exact vengeance because we hate and are hurting, not because we excel in mathematics and logic.

Two blogs that I’ve been following Orthodox Anarchist and Jeffrey Goldberg at the Atlantic both have been providing me with multiple daily updates and looks at the situation from perspectives that feel close to my own.  I am thankful for the plenitude of links and opinions that they have provided.  If you are interested in the situation I suggest adding these two to your reading lists.  Is there something out there that you’ve been reading that I should take a look at?

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