do you hear the people sing

I’ve just returned from the barricades which in many ways was a trip back in time, a trip back into my soul, a trip back to being a child. I started listening to Les Miserables long before I could really understand the plot. I started singing the songs, memorizing them and I grew up with it. I saw the show. I memorized that as well. I saw it again in high school when it did another tour to the washington area. And tonight I was in it once again, the music, the story. and when I say in it, well, it seemed like we were on stage being in the first row. I’m not going to review it, I was not watching it from an analytical place. But I will just say, that play lives somewhere very deep inside of me.

I’ve been thinking this week a great deal about why I am in theater. Maybe it’s the end of vacation almost upon me, but the questions have been hitting hard. I am still formatting my thoughts on yesterday’s performance of ‘How Theater Failed America’ and the post-show discussion that followed. It brought up even more questions and begged for solutions that it would not provide. But being in DC serves as a good reminder as I am surrounded by people who’s work I admire and people who really and truly love and are dedicated to what they do. And seeing a show that hits so deep inside is also helpful. It’s the shows that you see growing up that you carry with you. You don’t necessarily want to work on them but they are reminders of what it is that inspired you in the first place.


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