a quick look at winter vacation

number of days off: 40
today’s number: 39
number of days spent in dc: 9
number of plays seen: 7
(cripple of inishman @ atlantic theater company, chair @ theater for a new audience, cherry orchard @ bam, how theater failed america @ woolly mammouth, les miserables @ signature theater (VA), dai @ theater j, next to normal @ arena stage)
number of books read: 6
(the dubliners by james joyce, portnoy’s complaint by phillip roth, saturday night and sunday morning by alan stillitoe, pale fire by vladamir nabokov, the yiddish policeman’s union by michael chabon, thinking about the longstanding problems of virtue and happiness by tony kushner)
number of movies seen in the theater: 2 (frost/nixon and waltz with bashir)
number of episodes of slings and arrows watched: 6 (the full third season)
number of episodes of anthony bourdain no reservations watched: oh, so many
highest my temperature got: 101.8 F
number of weeks I felt like I was living in a linklater movie: 1
number of cars I owned at the beginning of vacation: 1
number of cars I own now: 0
number of things I didn’t accomplish that I had wanted to: too many to count.


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