obama and mimosas

I’m planning to celebrate the inauguration tomorrow with mimosas.  I thought about staying in DC but felt that the timing would just be too difficult. So, instead I’m inviting friends and classmates over to drink mimosas and eat some brunch and have our own celebration. It’s an exciting day and I’m looking forward to see all the tweets and status messages come in from all my friends who are in dc deciding to brave the cold and the crowds for the chance to embrace history.

In addition to watching the ceremony and commentary on tv (though I haven’t decided what channel yet). I intend to keep up with the day via the internets.  For those who are also celebrating from home might i suggest a couple of places to keep on your radar. The City Paper has been doing a great job of keeping the stories, tidbits, celeb sightings and dc gossip coming. DCist’s Flickr pool is filled with great shots. And do visit InagurationReport.com a site that a friend of mine is working on (along with NPR and CBS) that uploads tweets, photos and other items in real time.

Whatever you end up doing tomorrow enjoy your day. Don’t get too stressed out. Don’t push yourself too hard. Just make the day obama-tacular and have fun. ‘Cause the next day, it’s back to work – or school in my case.


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