a week in the life of a grad student # 1

so i’ve been thinking about this blog. about this blog and about how busy i know the semester is going to be. about how busy the semester is going to be and about how when i have time to blog it may end up just being personal i feel sorry for myself rants. about how it may end up being personal i feel sorry for myself rants and about how much i don’t want that to happen. so i’ve been thinking about structure.

The decision I’ve arrived at is to have two posts a week that I will always do so i don’t feel like I’m abandoning the blog and I don’t just rant to fill in space. Other posting will come or not come as ideas come or not come.  The first weekly post will be a variance on the ‘things to be excited about’ series i had for the past year but now it is renamed ‘a week in the life of a grad student’.  It will be posted on friday or saturday most likely and be a roundup of the week to come – plays i’m seeing, books i’m reading, assignments i have, and maybe every now and then something that doesn’t even have to do with school – though i doubt it. The second weekly posting will be a highlighting of a couple of the items i’ve saved to my delicious account over the course of the week – articles, quotes, images I stumbled upon on the the internets – i have no name for this weekly occurence yet but if anyone of my readers can come up with a good name by tuesday I’ll give you a reward of some kind.

So, here’s the week ahead:

in theater-going: The first year playwrights are having a festival Hello, Stranger. It’s been all weekend with final performances tonight, I saw last nights run. The festival includes the Finnish piece that I dramaturged.
I’m going to see Dan LeFranc’s play 60 Miles to Silver Lake at Soho Rep on Sunday.  At some point this week I need to see either The Garden of Earthly Delights or Shipwrecked for my criticism class.  I’m guessing I’m going to go to a Sunday matinee of one of the two but not sure which yet.

in class work of a reading nature: by the end of next week I will have read (or re-read) The Designated Mourner by Wallace Shawn, I Am My Own Wife by Doug Wright, Laughter: An essay on the Meaning of the Comic by Henri Bergson, an excerpt from Hobbes The Leviathan, The Bald Soprano by Ionesco, and an excerpt from Plato and Francis Hutchenson.

in class work of a non-reading nature: continued rehearsals for An Adaptation of a Sex Scene, watch on video Spalding Gray’s Swimming to Cambodia, write a 400-450 word review for one of the two plays mentioned above, two writing assignments for my writing class plus if time allows a jump start on the following week’s assignment.

in non-school related things: um, maybe go grocery shopping at some point? maybe do yoga at some point? maybe go to the gym? maybe talk to a friend on the phone? maybe drink something at some point with some one?

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