guess what? it’s my second webiversary

it’s been two years since the birth of words from hanvnah. amazingly it’s still going. and you, whoever you may be, are still reading.  thanks for that.

In the past year I’ve had 208 posts (all time total of 430), 83 comments (all time total of 210), and over 10,000 views (all time total of 17,610). Something I noticed in looking at these totals, my page views have increased a great deal from last year to this but people are not commenting as much – come on people step it up in year 3)

and here is a very link filled recap of a year in the life of a blog:

February: I celebrated my first webiversary, i woke up with pep, i worshiped, i was happy, i was sad.

March: I considered the devil, i had a really good dayi was really happy, i met a golem, i took a step towards the future.

April: I thought about issues in theater, i worked on amazing theater, i celebrated many good times.

May: I avoided writing, I didn’t read enough, I got very wet, I was nostalgic

June: I saw music, I saw theater, I was disturbed, I was ponderous and amused, I opened my last show at the j

July: I traveled, i live blogged, i revolted, i fringed with the dorks, i said goodbye to the j, i wrote a play, I moved from room to room.

August: I journeyed, I worried, I moved

September: i decorated, i got busy, i joined upi enjoyed new york, i thought about the new year

October: I thought some more about the new year, and i thought a lot about theater ideas and missions, there was a visit to class

November: we had another visit, I celebrated and thought about dc, I was curious (i still am)

December: i thought about forum past and future, i had a biblical break, we had yet another visit, i was really really sad, i got sick

January: i looked back on the year, i looked back on vacation, i celebrated, i thought about the middle easti got personal, i saw magic


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