a week in the life of a grad student #2

i’ve always been blessed (cursed) with an internal alarm. my body wakes up at least ten minutes before i’ve set my alarm (when I set my alarm), or before the time I said as I was going to sleep that I wanted to wake up, or some part of me desides based on the amount of things I want to accomplish on a given day, what time I should open my eyes. Unfortunatly, my body has decided for the past three days that in order to do what needs to be done I need to wake up at 6 am. My body doesn’t take in to consideration how much I want to sleep for it refuses to let me rest back into slumber.  I do have a lot to do. And now I need to do it all tired, or drinking lots of tea. Anyway, here’s my week.

In theater-going: Last night I saw This Beautiful City. Today I’m seeing Dan Hurlin’s Disfarmer. Dan was a teacher of mine for a number of years at Sarah Lawrence and I think he’s really just brilliant, I’m very excited. Tomorrow I’m seeing Richard Greenberg’s The American Plan. To be followed by (and I’m going to brag for a half a sec here) dinner with my class and Greenberg. Then I’m off to attempt to get into a pay-what-you-can performance of Freshwater.

In class work of a reading nature: This week I read Fires in the Mirror (Anna Deavere Smith), The Laramie Project (Moises Kaufman/Tectonic Theatre Project), Ubu Roi (Jarry), Jokes and their relation to the Unconcious (Freud), On Humour (Simon Critchley) and an excerpt from Descartes’ “Passions of the Soul.”

In class work of a non-reading nature: Continuting rehearsals for Adaptation of a Sex Scene, write my review of Beautiful City, write a scene for playwrighting in which two characters switch needs by the end (this is basicly done just needs a bit of revision), and start doing research for my next collaboration project on Love & Death.

In non-school related things: I am supposed to go to a housewarming tonight but due to moved rehearsal times and the amount of reading to be done vs the amount of time to do it in I believe I’m cancelling (sorry b.jones). Tuesday I’m going on a day trip to New Haven to see Susan Howe and David Grubbs and eat pizza.


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