a week in the life of a grad student #3

well, the NEA money is certainly good news and truthfully unexpected. I’m so used to being angry and wanting things to change, and sending emails and spreading words and nothing changes so to see the money being placed back in, and with the assumption that it was people like us pushing our leaders in order to make that happen, well, it just makes me feel mighty hopeful. .

In theater-going: I feel like this is a much lighter theater week, mainly because there is only one show I’m seeing this weekend. Today I go see Speed-the-Plow. Later this week I see Ruined, which has been getting great reviews. Friday I am going to see one of the 3rd year thesis projects a production of Big Love, before the show Chuck Mee will be giving a talk-forward about the play, so I’m very much looking forward to that.

In class work of a reading nature: By the end of the week I will have read Glengarry Glen Ross (Mamet), Streamers (Rabe), Servant of Two Masters (Goldoni), Kyogen script, “On Comedy” (Robortello), “Commentary on Aristotle’s Poetics” (Castelvetro), “The Comic Art” (Riccoboni), and a Commedia dell’arte scenario.

In class work of a non-reading nature: It’s my turn to present something 2-3 minutes of something funny in my comedy class, I’m leaning towards a clip from Casino Royale but haven’t decided yet.  In addition to presenting I need to write a 2-3 page paper analyzing why the clip is funny. I’ll let you in on a secret – comedy theory, not so funny.  I also have to do yet another scene for my playwrighting class this one a three character scene where each character has a sentence that they want to say from the beginning that they may or may not say in the course of the scene. Working those perimeters into the play I’m working on is difficult since it is a two person play. I think one of the props may end up having to be a character, I wonder if it will say its sentence.  I don’t have a review this week but I have a longer piece due the week after so I’m going to try to get a head start on it.  It’s the last week of rehearsals for the Adaptation of a Sex Scene so I’ll be helping to finish and perfect that plus we start work soon on the next collaboration project so my work with the playwright and the director is just beginning.

In non-school related things: I have scripts to read for Forum and scripts to read for playwrights who have kindly asked me to read their scripts. Yup, my non-school stuff this week seems to be very similar to my school stuff. That’s my life


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