worth a look #3

This week has just eaten me up. There’s really good stuff, that I can’t talk about yet, and really bad stuff, that I’m not going to share. There’s taxes that I’m trying to figure out, and there are mountains of school work done and left to do. I haven’t even made it through the last two days on my rss reader and this post was supposed to be written 2 days ago so I’m feeling a bit behind. but as they say tgif, though weekends in grad school arent’ what they were in the real world.

Anyway, the biggest attention grabbing story this week is Caryl Churchill’s Seven Jewish Children: A play for Gaza. The Royal Court’s production has been getting backlash for producing it with various publications calling it Anti-Semitic. Even a NYTimes article was written about New York Theater Workshop wanting to do it but the fear it could turn into another Rachel Corrie-like fiasco.

It’s not Anti-Semitic.

At All.

The wonderful thing the Royal Court has done is put the script up on their website for anyone who wants to read it (read it). I am really proud of them for making that choice because it seems to me in most cases these abuses of Anti-Semitism get tossed around without any research being done.

And the thing is, the play, I think, is beautiful. And it’s not just that I’m a huge Churchill fan, though I am. I also made sure my parents read the piece, they agreed. The play is fantastic and spot on. There is a problem in Israel and anyone who doesn’t realize that is diluting themselves.  It has nothing to do with who belongs in the land, questions like that don’t matter any more, they are secondary. It really is a matter of simple human decency and morals.  And its brought about not by in built moral corruption but by years of fear. It’s a very sad situation.  Churchill’s play is only 6 pages long, I was crying at the end.

(here are a bunch of articles and blog postings where people discuss the play and the controversy)

and speaking of the controversial and scared of being controversial brits – a new production about my controversial relative Al Jolson is about to open in Scotland – without black face. Read about it here.

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