week in the life of a grad student: delinquent

man, I have been off the schedule this week. Not probably that whomever few readers of you care (that’s a weird sentance).  There is a week happening, it’s already in the midst.  there is much reading (plays by Vogel, Howe, Fornes, Simon, Menander and Molière) some writing (work on my play, a think piece for my critism class), probably some theater going but when and what is still up in the air (probably the new Richard Forman show). There are numerous shows I want to see, that I probably won’t this week.  Another big thing now passed was yesterday’s Collaboration presentations. So, no more Adaptation of a Sex Scene now I’m moving on to a piece tentively titled Baltimore.  The plays went well yesterday and once more I must say I am thrilled that there are so many talented folks in my program.  That’s really what makes it all worth it. And also, nice, fun folks, who can be peers and friends.  And speaking of friends, the other thing about the week is a visit from geremy, as he spring breaks alternatively by working, we get to catch up. And catching up with dear friends is always a welcome distraction from everything else. what else? i did my taxes and filled out fafsa finally. so that is all exciting and done.


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