a week in the life of a grad student: two weeks until spring break

In theater-going: last week I was not up to my usual theater going speed but it’s okay because I seem to be making it up this week.  Sunday I got to see Mabou Mines’ Dollhouse. Tonight I’m going to the new Richard Foreman piece in collaboration with John Zorn Astronome. Thursday night my critisim class is going to see Meredith Monk’s site specific piece at the Guggenheim. Friday I’m going to see Winter’s Tale at BAM. Saturday I’m going down to DC to see The Accident at Theater J.

In class work of a reading nature: For this week I have to read The Worthy Master Pierre Pathelin, A Flea in Her Ear (Feydeau), Accidental Death of and Anarchist (Fo), an essay by Bakhtin on folk carnival humor, an essay by my professor, Funnyhouse of a Negro (Kennedy), Topdog/Underdog (Parks),and  The Thugs (Bock). Plus I should get a head start on reading for a paper due next Thursday.

In class work of a non-reading nature: rehearsals for Baltimore (which now seems to be the settled upon name),  review of the Meredith Monk piece, last night I worked on two scenes of my play which will be handed in tomorrow. I’ve also started sending it to some wise playwrights I have dramaturged, hoping that they will return the favor a little bit.

In non-school related things: spend some time reading for Forum. Quick trip to DC for theater-going and friend and family seeing.

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