leaving the theater

After seeing Richard Foreman and Meredith Monk’s work this week I’ve been thinking about the necessity of understanding to enjoying a show. For me, if a piece doesn’t want me to understand it then I am totally okay just going on for the ride but I know there are people, friends and classmates included, who feel angry when they don’t have a narrative or symbolic structure to follow. It feels, to them, pointless.  So I’m curious about how others want to feel when leaving a play. Do you mind having questions unanswered? Do you mind not understanding at all?


One Response to leaving the theater

  1. Lee Liebeskind says:

    I have a hard time putting my desires of theatre in one box that you have up there. I don’t care if I come out understanding. I don’t care if I come out with questions. I don’t care if I see a narrative or not. For me the act of seeing theatre is also not enough. I need to come out feeling that it was valuable. Not just an experience but I got something out of it. Entertainment, understanding, a new perspective, a new idea. As long as I get something I am pretty happy.

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