a week in the life of a grad student: too busy to blog

i’ve got one day left before spring break.

i’ve read a lot this week.

i’ve written a lot this week.

i saw 33 variations with jane fonda. i need to write a review of it before 10 am tomorrow.   i haven’t started. i’m now at work. i don’t get home for another hour. and my guess is, i’m going to fall in bed. so wake up super early tomorrow and be super reviewer then. at least my mind should be a bit fresher.  i was up until after 2 am yesterday/today working on a paper about Jose Rivera plays. i love his writing. i’m going to see Marisol at Forum on Saturday. i love that my spring break coincides with a forum opening.

tomorrow night my collab piece Baltimore is being presented as a part of a School of the Arts event. they are trying to get us to mingle outside our discipline.  it will be followed by thank god it’s spring break drinks. to be followed by delicious sleep.  followed by bus. and dc.


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