a week in the life of a grad student: no more breaks

spring break was fantastic. everything I needed it to be. I saw two plays: Marisol at Forum and The Wooster Group’s La Didone.  I hung out with friends both in DC and NY, attended parties, ate dinners, played racquetball,  watched movies, celebrated st. patty’s day, crashed the first rehearsal of The Rise and Fall of Annie Hall (which, btw, is hilarious) had some great family time and over all just relaxed.  It really felt longer than a week and it felt just right.

Last night though the stress dreams started creeping in and I woke up completely panicked about my week is already super filled and that hardly includes the homework I have, the reading, writing or rehearsals that need to be done. And I realized that’s going to be the way it is for the next 7, i believe, weeks until the semester is over. It’s one long push, the break was relaxing but it’s all there is. Next stop end of the semester.

So this week:

In Theatre-going: Wednesday I’m seeing Exit the King, Friday I’m finally seeing Sheila Callaghan’s new play That Pretty Pretty; or The Rape Play, Saturday I’m seeing two 2nd year playwrights plays on campus, and Sunday I’m seeing Love/Stories (or but you will get used to it) by Itamar Moses.

In class work of a reading nature: As You Like It (Shakespeare obvs), Three plays by John Patrick Shanley, The Heidi Chronicles (Wesserstein), The Model Apartment (Margulis)

In class work of a non-reading nature: more rehearsals for Baltimore, the final presentation is next Monday.  Writing for my playwrighting class both scripts and my thoughts on the dramaturg/playwright relationship.

In non-school related things: meeting with a playwright tomorrow.


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