worth a look: back to basics

Again, it was another week where the 7 Jewish Children and the controversy around it took up  a great deal of my reading time. Theater J and Forum Theatre did (are doing) their performances of it this past week and New York Theater Workshop was doing it up here.

I wrote a blog post for Theater J. The first one since I left, it was a very strange thing to be logging back into their site.

My post was no where near as clear and beautifuly written as this article by Tony Kushner and Alisa Solomon, who I think were really able to breakdown the play, it’s intentions and its effect from a Jewish theatrical perspective.

Peter Marks wrote a review/article on Theater J/Forum’s production praising the discussions. Reading it made me super proud of everyone involved.

On a different topic, in health notes, eating a steady diet of red meat is bad for you and the earth, and people whose faces get red when drinking have more of a risk for cancer.

In reading I want to finish but don’t have time to yet The New Yorker has a really interesting article on Beckett’s letters. I’ve been reading it slowly all week, I’ll make it through eventually.

Also, despite it’s being an advertisement I love this and want so see someone use the same type of technology and theatricality on stage. Work it out artists:

And don’t forget to add my new on-line journal theatrecollage.tumblr.com to your reading list.


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