a week in the life of a grad student: how is it already april?

In theater-going: Hopefully I will succeed in getting tickets to see the new Durang play Why Torture is Wrong and The People Who Love Them.  I’m also planning on checking out the directing thesis performance of Threepenny Opera.

In class-work of a reading nature: By the end of the week I will have read Love! Valour! Compassion! (McNally), The Normal Heart (Kramer), Torch Song Trilogy (Fierstein) and The Alchemist (Jonson). I’m also hopefully going to be done with making my way through Walter Kerr’s anthology Journey to the Center of the Theater.

In class-work of a non-reading nature: We had our final showing of Baltimore yesterday. It went very well. This week we start rehearsing the final round of plays.

In non-class related school related work: I’ve been mentoring an undergraduate who is putting together a huge song cycle with dance.  The piece goes up in a couple of weeks so we are talking more frequently helping to get her prepared. I’m also now dramaturging a ten minute play by the same playwright as the Baltimore piece. That is going to go into a night of ten minute pieces on the 10th and 11th.

In non-school related work: my contract for my fringe show and the money associated with it is due this week.  I am menu planning and shopping for food for the Seder I’m hosting, and I need to buy a Helen Hayes dress. Basically this week is about saying goodbye to a lot of money in my bank account. Bye money, it was nice having you in there developing interest but now you need to go off into the world and become dresses, food, theater tickets and a fringe show.

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