a week in the life of a grad student: kosher for passover

so, passover starts tomorrow night and since I can’t miss Thursday classes I can’t go home for seders. I’ve only missed one other year of seders at home, it was my senior year of college. I ended up going to some theater grad’s apartment, i remember it being a fun seder but not the same.  So, this go ’round that theater grad student is me.  I’ve decided to host a first night seder. I’ve got 8 coming, people who were without seders of their own and other miscellaneous friends.  I’ve got a menu planned and cooking needs to start today. Soon. Like when I’m done typing.

In theater-going: Seeing Hair tonight and The Singing Forest on Saturday night.  Friday night I’m going to see the play I’ve been working on “Looking for Love, or The Centaur Play” [Excerpt] by James Ryan Caldwell.  I have been in rehearsals with them the past week, but due to the holiday I’m missing the remaining rehearsals so I’m looking forward to seeing it fresh.  It’s being performed along with 3 other first year playwrights shows both Friday and Saturday night.

In school work of a reading nature: By the end of the week I will have read Fuddy Meers (Lindsay-Abaire), Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You (Durang), The American Plan (Greenberg), The Misanthrope (Moliere) and some theories on humor and laughter by Kant and Schopenhauer.

In school work of a non-reading nature: I have to write a 700 word review of Hair. I have some writing for playwrighting class. And rehearsal for my third collaboration piece Steve’s Lawn.

Next week there will be a double sized worth a look entry. No time to do it now, must chop vegetables.


One Response to a week in the life of a grad student: kosher for passover

  1. natalie says:

    Have a great passover–your own first night seder dinner and second. nat

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