i should have known better than to comment

I commented again on the post I wrote on the Theater J blog. I should have known better. Trolls will be trolls, people who are disagreeable will be disagreeable.  Even though I feel the need to stand up for myself. To say, I stand by my thoughts, to say, I believe the world should be a better place and I will proclaim injustice wherever I see it. And I will strive to be better and expect to be better. And of course I should hold everyone to higher standards. That way when they fail to reach those standards it can’t be swept away and explained. It has to be confronted and discussed. ugh. some people.

Once we were slaves in Egypt, right? That’s the story tomorrow that we tell. Well, we are not free. Just so you all know. We are still slaves.  And we still allow slavery to exist. We still are trapped in hurtful ideologies and we still hate out of fear.  Tomorrow night I will skip, as I usually do, the after dinner paragraph about destruction and in it’s place I will ask for a prayer of peace, an end to the need to destroy others, and an end to people’s refusal to see the humanity in others.  And at the end of the night I will pray to celebrate next year in a peaceful Jerusalem.


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