a week in the life: countdown

in theater-going: we had our final presentations for Collaboration class yesterday but other than that nothing. Can you believe it? I’m going a week (probably two looking at my schedule for next week) without seeing any theater.

in school work of a reading nature: nope. nothing. well, except reading/research for the papers.

in school work of a non-reading nature: two largish papers (around 15 pages each) Contemporary Playwrights paper due Monday,  Comedy History/Theory paper due Friday. My goal is to finish the first paper by Friday so I can concentrate on what I think will be the more difficult of the two papers this weekend. There is also some writing for my playwrighting class that will happen at some point tonight.

in other stuff: working a lot at the box office this week/weekend – end of the year on an undergrad campus means lots of frivolity, many events and many hours added to my shifts.  And it’s anarchivist’s birthday (a big one) and sadly I can’t join in most of the festivities of the week long celebration just a brunch on saturday.


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