jarvis jarvis jarvis

Today’s the last day, but for the past week Jarvis Cocker has been holding an experiment.

For the past week he and his band has been performing in a Paris art gallery. They’ve been holding open rehearsal sessions, they’ve been doing improv composing, they’ve been entertaining kids, playing background for yoga and aerobics classes, and jamming with whoever brought an instrument over. And the whole thing has been live streamed on the internet.

You can read all about the project here.

If you click here as soon as this gets posted you may see a live outdoor concert. I’m watching it has I type. If you click this anytime after you will be able to watch the prerecorded videos from the week.

I love this man. I love his willingness to experiment and play around. His openness to the community and his audience on both a micro and macro level. He inspires me.

When I first discovered him it was all about the music. Different Class hit something in my late teen self. And then I went back and started listening to everything from Pulp’s earliest releases to their most recent. And most of it really connects to me. Some doesn’t. But he constantly allows his music to develop. I enjoyed his solo album and the concert two years ago made me literally weak in the knees – when we got out I seriously felt like I was going to faint – I was so worn out with the excitement of watching him perform.

He’s coming back to NY July 30 to push his new album. I’ve only heard one song and it’s totally different from the last, I’m excited to explore the rest.  I bought a ticket to the show. I intened to eat well before hand and keep hydrated since I know he just has the ability to knock me out.

I hope he keeps it up and as the years go on he keeps pushing the boundaries of how you make music and how you interact with an audience. I hope he continues to explore ways that different art disciplines can work together. And hey, Jarv if you ever want to write a play, give me a call.


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