worth a look: my new favorite website

maybe it’s my impending move but i’ve started to become obsessed with interior design.  It’s always been something that appeals to me, I used to love looking through these 1970s design books that somehow found their way into my house. It fascinates me how a space can transform through simple additions or subtractions. How color can change the size of a room. What always attracts me in art is collage. I am a huge fan of mixed up elements. This is why I could never be a minimalist. I love having things catch my eye and then something else shift my eye. I love this in visual art. I love this in fashion. I love this in theater and I love this in design.

The key to making collage work (in all of the mediums mentioned above) is to guide the eye from one place to the next. Everywhere the eye rests should be of interest but it shouldn’t be haphazard. The eye should be drawn in an order by the lines, or light, or colors. So that the overall result isn’t confusing but is whatever you want it to be – invigorating, relaxing, etc.

My new room is about half the size of my current small room but at least it’s starting as a blank slate. Everything going into it I can choose.  I can make it my own and create the world I want to live in. I can choose what I see no matter which direction I’m facing.  I love the thrill of that. I wish I had more money and more space always.  The dream of planning a full apartment or someday a house seems so far off and beyond me. I must be content to planning my small spaces.

But at least I can drool over the spaces of others and build up a mental innovatory of things I’d like to try someday.  Apartment Therapy is an amazing site that plays right into my new design fascination.  They have a few different blogs based out of different cities (i read the NY and the DC ones regularly in my reader) but a visit to the main site I find just as exciting (which is rare for me usually i keep everything in the reader and never visit the source).  They have broken up the page so it can be explored in numerous ways. You can look at ‘main’ which shows everything. Or just look at the city pages. or look at the kitchen pages. or the green pages. or the small space pages. It’s super easy to use.

And it’s not just ideas. It’s an active resource. People send in decorating quandaries and they provide answers and open up to answers from the readers. They scour the local craigslist ads and daily post amazing finds. Anyway I’m absolutely gaga for this site and if you are at all interested in interior design do bookmark it, add it to your feeds and check it out.


One Response to worth a look: my new favorite website

  1. blueberryfrost says:

    the main thing on my brain with all the flu outbreak was: i haven’t been able to look at apartment therapy!! i love the other blogs they host too, especially the unplugged one.

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