and while we are speaking of interior design

the New York Times yesterday followed the curator of contemporary design at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum as she walked around the International Contemporary Furniture Fair.  I found a lot of her thoughts on design fascinating and she sounds like someone it would be nice to walk around a furniture fair with.  I was particularly taken with her idea that furniture should be multifunctional. I agree completely. I enjoyed that she said that one of those functions could be humor as long as that humor didn’t negate an objects other function. I always forget that when it comes to functionality the effect something has on the emotions can be just as important as an objects utility.

And speaking of art and function. A blog (was it boing boing, i no longer remember) pointed me to the Wants for Sale website. An artist couple paint pictures of what they want and then sell the pictures for the amount the thing they want costs.  Here’s a flickr set of the paintings and the real objects once bought. I love this idea. It’s so straightforward.


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