week in the life of a grad student: ask and ye shall recieve

so, you want to hear more about my goings on, at least according to those who responded to my survey.  An interesting thing I noted about the survey – no one said that they didn’t care (which is good) but many visitors to the site didn’t respond at all. Does that mean the don’t care but are too lazy to fill out the survey? Or that they are totally indifferent.

So, goings on. It’s been a busy week and my legs hurt. These two points are related.  I moved this week. I moved around the corner from my old apartment. Instead of moving in the traditional way where you pack everything up and then do it all in one fell swoop, I’ve been moving slowly. Taking a couple bags filling them to the brim and walking over to the new place. Emptying the bags, putting things away, walking back over and doing the same thing – again, and again and again and again.  And as I mentioned before, there are stairs lots of them. My legs and back hurt.

BUT, I have a great new apartment and I love my room. It’s fantastic and comfortable and I think I’ll be very happy in it.  There’s a dog, Athena who is the sweetest thing. But I’m still getting used to having an apartment that smells like dog. I’m guessing in a couple of days I won’t notice the smell anymore but at the moment it’s getting to me. My room is dog free, but the living room which I’m in now is much more the dogs room than my own.

So other than the move I’ve also been working on the Festival of Jewish Theater and Ideas. I have been putting together and moderating post-show discussions.  I’ve done three so far and have three more to go this weekend. Then three more in the week to come. I’ve been enjoying them. I haven’t done post-show discussions since my time at Theater J and it feels great to be in front of the audience again.  It’s also nice be seeing a lot of theater again after the past two weeks of taking a break.

Yesterday I saw a play by one of the columbia playwrights directed by one of my fellow dramaturgs.  It was a very impressive undertaking with a non-existent budget. So bravo to them!


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