week in the life of a grad student: summer makes me blog lazy

sorry I’m just not feeling the urge to write.  This week has been similar to the one before. The Confrence of Jewish Theater happened. There were some highlights to that: Donald Margulies, Judith Malina and Itamar Moses were all interesting and in their own ways inspiring. I’d like to write something up but I don’t know if I’m ready to yet. I have lots of thoughts swimming around my head about Jewish Identity and Theater but their having a hard time (my thoughts) staying in one place and letting me grab hold of them in words. The other news of the conference is that I have been made a board member. My responsibility towards the association will be mainly working on next years conference, though I have volunteered to help rewrite the mission statement.

Other than the Jews, I’ve spent my week hanging out with friends old and new and enjoying New York. I’m starting to get sad to leave. I’m excited, of course, to be back in the district, and excited to see all my DC peeps, and my family. But, things here are good and a month and a half away right now feels inconvenient.

What else? I’ve been reading and enjoying Kafka’s short stories.  Goal for the summer to read all Kafka in preparation for one of the director’s projects next year.

So, that’s what I’ve got at the moment.


One Response to week in the life of a grad student: summer makes me blog lazy

  1. tellari says:

    I would love to hear about this when you are here. I saw a reading of Malina’s ANTIGONE several years ago and it really stuck with me. I’d be curious to hear her take on the subject. Looking forward to seeing you soon…
    (it’s shirley, btw)

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