jarvis and me


okay, i know you my readers know my obsession with Jarvis Cocker. Really, I think he’s pretty much a genius. Both in how he creates music and the quality of the music he creates.  Every new thing I learn about him adds to my obsession.

I saw him play over a year ago and was looking forward to seeing him live again.  So, before coming to the show Jarvis taped an apperance on Jimmy Fallon:

The Root’s Questlove tweeted about it saying that Jarvis looked ‘throwed’ implying perhaps that he looked drugged.  (if you go to the post read the fun comments. I think I need a t-shirt that says ‘Team Jarvis’) I must say when I was next to Jarvis shortly thereafter he didn’t look drugged at all.

Did you get that? Next to. Right next to.

So, here’s the story. I went to the Jarvis Cocker concert at Music Hall of Williamsburg. It sold out so no friends got tickets and I was on my own.  Which is fine, I actually really enjoy seeing music by myself, I used to do it frequently in DC.  So, I show up and stood in front of the stage for a bit as I waited for the opening band to start. My ankle was feeling achy (it was swollen earlier in the week, not sure what I did to it).  I went upstairs to the balcony were there were some cafe tables.  At the first table closest to the stage sat a couple and I asked if I could join them.  They told me that when he played at that venue before (the night before the Webster Hall show I say – if I recall correctly), they sat there as well and it was a fantastic view.

The first band started, Little Joy, who I enjoyed a great deal.  About two songs in the door next to the table opened and out came the man himself. We made eye contact and did a kind of nod and silent hi. My nod of course said something like ‘I not only know who you are but worship you’ and his nod was more along the lines of ‘you a human.’

He stood behind my table watching the show eating an orange. I was sitting pretending to watch the concert but shaking while turning my head every few minutes to see him.  I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to disturb him. I didn’t know how I could possibly talk to him since anything that may have come out of my mouth would have sounded like ‘uuhhh lovvve yoouuu.’

So instead I tried to sneak pictures with my iphone (speaking of iphone’s jarvis has one, i saw it, someone sent him a text – lucky person who has his number):

IMG_0375 eating his orange.
IMG_0377jarvis’s feet!

Some drunk woman came up to him and while practically assaulting him and I think trying to kiss him, asked for his autograph. He was really nice about it and I was impressed with his ability to get her hands off of him while being very kind about it. I figured since I was much nicer, I may as well just ask him for his autograph. I turned to him paper and pen in hand. He said sure and asked my name. I asked him to sign it for my friend Andrea whose birthday was the next day. As he leaned down to get the name his hair brushed my face. sigh.

happy birthday andrea!

Shortly after he went downstairs to prep for the show. He changed his clothing (you may notice that the outfit he wore when he was next to me was the same he had on during the Jimmy Fallon taping). He entered the stage eating an apple (he did the same at the Webster Hall show). He also had grapes in his pocket – which he pulled out mid-show and shared with the audience. Jarvis sure does like his fruit!

All the pictures I took at the show

Brooklyn Vegan also has some great pictures from last night

One Response to jarvis and me

  1. thinkingarthur says:

    The most interesting thing about this post to me was your comment about “seeing music”.

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