What if I found some words

Over five years later and I may have some words left in me.

There have been a few times I’ve thought about revisiting blogging in this fashion. My tumblr has remained up-to-date and social media took some of my words but I’ve missed a place for longer thoughts. For people to visit (if they’d like), comment (if they want) but more importantly for me to claim words/thoughts/comments as my own.

And here I am 37.5 weeks (give or take) until my life really changes. Sure there have been changes in the past five years – location, homes, wedding, amazing trips to far off places. But, this is the most powerful change. To create life and then what comes next – what excites me the most – to watch that life become it’s own person. The being now inside of me poking at my sciatic nerve will grow up to be a completely whole individual – at least I hope so.

And so it seems like maybe this is a time to revisit some words. I’m not sure how many. I’m not sure what time will allow but I look forward to words.


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