worth a look: multidisciplinary

I’m not so happy with the quiz below I think I can reframe it to get my questions answered easier. But thanks to everyone who took the time to click.

Ok. Quick things before I head to class:

Continuing my new obsession with Meredith Monk. Her website is fantastic.

Also continuing to listen to Leonard Cohen. NPR’s podcast recording of this concert is worth downloading.

Also in music, I’ve been listening to my new favorite Pandora station. For those who don’t know Pandora takes musicians you like (in the case of this station Scott Walker, Francoise Hardy and Leonard Cohen) and finds other similar music streaming you a playlist of things they think you will like. This one song kept playing on this station. Rather than being annoyed by its continual presence (even though it’s a bit of an annoying song) I got really happy whenever it played. I finally decided to look and see more information about the song it’s called “Lady with the Braid” and is by Dory Previn. It was also pulled from a CD with a name very familiar to me: The Trip: Curated by Jarvis Cocker & Steve Mackey. Of course! Leave it to Jarvis to find songs I would be obsesessed with. So now I really really really want that CD.

And speaking of internet stuff. I’ve been twittering a lot recently and thinking about the nature of the twitter. My twittering friend wrote a blog post with her thoughts on the subject, that twitter is like a big party. I see what she’s saying and agree with some of the points but that idea makes me a little uncomfortable. Probably because big parties filled with people I don’t know also make me uncomfortable. I prefer being surrounded by my friends in social situations and in the twittering world. That said, I’m starting to reevaluate as I keep getting follow requests from people I don’t actually know, but wouldn’t mind knowing. stuff to think about, when there is time to think about it.

In the arts world: I just read Culturebot’s post on his thoughts for the Arts in America and found it very inspiring. Somethings got to change and I think his ideas of really developing a multidisiplianary collaborative hard working culture I think are on the right path.  It’s really worth a read.

Two looks for the week I love

and the second look for some reason won’t post but you can see it here. The second image is from Face Hunter and the first (and last week’s) is from the Frech fashion site


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