hanvnah has no more words

The decision has been made this blog is kaput for real, for good.  It was a nice internet space giving me three years of expression and online community but it’s the blog of my life as it was and it feels that way: historical.

But just because the historical hanvnah has no more words doesn’t mean that hannah (or rather I) am out of words.  On the contrary, two blog type things have replaced this one for me.

Theater Collage which I have been linking to for a while is my tumblr site filled with images, quotes, articles that I find interesting/stimulating/worth sharing.


The Project Gym is my semi-private blog where I’m working through major questions of theater/art/audience/development and the/my future.

This will be the last post here. For now, the blog will stay live so feel free to take a trip down memory lane at any point and see what I was up to 3 years ago, two years ago, and last year.


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