hush hush

The City Paper has a review of the HUSH supper club I’ve had the luck of attending twice. I knew the reviewer was there when I attended the past week and I am/was happy that they are getting the attention they deserve for the superb work they do. However, it means their email list will at least double! It is already difficult to be seated but now I’ll really have to hope I get the email and respond quick enough to get a seat (they only seat the first 16 requests).

The thing that really makes HUSH special has less to do with the food (though it is inventive and exquisite) and more to do with the feeling in the room. Everyone is so happy to be there, to have responded quickly enough, to have been invited by a friend. The conversation across the long table is bubbly and friendly. It is like going to a party at a friends house surrounded by interesting people and at the end, emails and numbers are exchanged. HUSH is not like going to a restaurant and turning off, it is at the same time an evening out and an evening in.

Man, I hope I can keep attending.

read the City Paper review here


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