dripping in maple syrup

wow it was nice to get away for a few days, and boy, even though I love my work, do I wish I didn’t have to go in today. It’s particularly rough since today is opening night for The Price, so no normal hours today but a 12 or more hour day awaits me.

So, school interviewing is done and now I wait. Hopefully, the schools will decide soon and I’ll have some idea what the next year will hold for me. For all of you people out there who are so sure I’ll get in, hear this: the schools accept about 6 people a year. 6. I know I’m deserving but I have no doubt there are many many deserving want-to-be ‘turgs out there. I’m hopeful but you know, as Doris Day sings ‘que sera sera.’

The weekend up in NYC was fabulous. Quick highlight roundup: seeing the First Year One Acts at Columbia and catching up with SLC folks I hadn’t seen in years, thrift shopping with Becca ending in green and blue shoes and two new-to-me blouses, delicious tapas that made me feel like I was in Spain again (including fried green peppers tasting just as they did on a warm night in Barcelona, deep fried chickpeas, and white asparagus with caviar),  a funny night at Upright Citizens Brigade, visiting Nina at work and having her force me to try on pretty dresses leading me to buy an awesomely perfect dress for the Helen Hayes Awards, hanging out with Joey and finding a great hole in the wall Italian restaurant, spending time with Oscar catching up and getting excited about his wedding, wandering the Columbia campus imagining myself there, a great interview, yummy lunch with Natalie, neither of us sure where next year will find us, and then bus home. Long, lovely weekend.

By the end of the week I’ll have another post up on the Forum blog but in the meantime check out eXtreme eXchange’s blog. The first eXtreme manifesto is up and you can write one too if you’d like.

Time to stop eating my maple syrup covered oatmeal (why is maple syrup the best flavor in the world?) and get ready for a long day at work.


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